The biggest mistake people make is believing that a presentation is something you give to a large group utilizing PowerPoint.

A presentation is ANY TIME you try to get your thoughts, opinions, or ideas across to other people. This can be a meeting, a five-minute chat, a quick question, or a phone conversation.

If you ever have people misinterpret what you say, not take action when you thought you were explicit on what they should do, or have other people take credit for your ideas, then you are not getting your message across and you do need to work on how you manage the communication.

Let me give you a few industries and how they each have benefited from learning how to utilize the The Gift of the Gab Techniques:

Executive Management - You cannot expect to lead if you cannot clearly state your message and compel people to follow that vision. As a leader you need people to have trust, accountability, and respect. You need to know that what you communicate to the media, the board, the managers and the front line all aligns with your vision and mission. Consistency is key here when communicating as well as the ability to think and speak on your feet. We will show you how to make your message strong, clear, and consistent from your voice and words to your body language.

Sales - In this day and age you don't have time to slowly build up to the sale yet you also have the conflict that customers have a lot of knowledge and hate to be sold. So you have to get them to quickly open up to you, and talk about what is important to them. Good presentation skills will help you listen to the customer better and address their direct needs. Learn how to make that connection in a compelling fashion so people see you as authentic and sincere not "salesy."

Project Manager - As a project manager you are in charge with the scope of a project. This often means that you have to present to senior management on how a project is going or if you even think the project can be done the way they want it done. You may be tasked with working with people that don't directly report to you so you have to motivate them to want to work with you. You may also be a contractor so people can see you as the outsider and you need to be able to raise their trust, respect, and accountability when you don't have the "manager" title behind you. We will show you how to present your technical information so people open up to you.

Marketing - In marketing it is all about the message you create. Many people in marketing have a lot of creativity that can sometimes make their presentation too complicated to follow. So how do you simply get your message across and make it easy to follow? How do you make sure that your marketing materials are compelling so that the sales people use them all the time? How do you create a presentation that your sales team will love to use rather than one they roll their eyes at? Learn how to create a compelling message that is easy to embrace with the PPP.

Manager - As a manager you have to find out what your employees needs are, motivate them to work better, coach them on what they need to change, and communicate the company message in a way your team can grasp and run with it. You can often feel like you are in a dance between upper management and your employees' needs. You can run in to turf wars between departments and individuals. This can often be one of the most gruelling and yet rewarding jobs. You have to be able to get your stuff done in about 30% of the time so that 70% of the time is open for your team. It is all about presenting things so you achieve the balance and control necessary to drive your area forward. It is about creating a team atmosphere.

Financial Field - So often in finance you are called upon to go over facts and figures or to share why something is off financially. This tends to lead to presentations that can feel boring and too technical. We will show you how to present your facts and figures so people can quickly grasp them and move to action. You will learn how to challenge people without being seen as the person who always says "no."

IT -The IT world is filled with numbers, tests, project analysis and other data that many people do not understand. Often people cannot understand why the network fails or why projects take so long. This leaves you on the defence to explain what to the other person may be mystifying. You need to be able to speak clearly, distinctly, and relate what you are saying to something they can grasp. You need them to respect your judgment and realize that you are trying to get the project done in a timely manner and done correctly.

Communication is all about getting the response you want. If you aren't not getting the response you want, then your communication is not doing you any good. This means that at ALL TIMES people must see your communication as clear, concise, and easy to follow.

The problems you mention above are all presentation problems at the informal level. Our seminar will show you how to communicate in a way that is easy to follow whether you are talking to a senior executive, a team-mate, or an employee. People can't be motivated when they don't understand what you just told them to do. Senior management is not going to take action on what you say if they don't view you as a leader from the get go.

Years ago we had a choice to make: go to programmes in small time blocks or go with programmes that make lasting behaviour changes.

We opted to do lasting behaviour changes and being the Gourmet of Presentation Skills rather than the quick fix. Let's face it; you didn't just fall off the turnip wagon with communication. You have been building your style of communicating for years so why would you believe a programme would change all that in one day?

Even two days is tight. We tell people that the two-days gives you the insight on what you need to change, the tools to make the change, and you develop the skill as you PRACTICE.

The people that come to our programmes are looking to learn not just how to quickly do a presentation, but rather how to communicate with people at a much more proactive fashion that shows strength and leadership.

We prefer to not do a "quick fix" on presenting but instead give you a Gourmet approach to presenting so you can quickly adapt to any situation that comes up. Gourmet chefs learn how to make two basic soup stocks and two basic sauce recipes. They then learn how to mix spices and ingredients in those two simple sets of recipes to create culinary feats. We teach you the same thing with presenting.

Why be a mediocre presenter when you can become a Gourmet Communicator?

The new skills you develop will save you time in the long run. On average our clients tell us they save anywhere from 2 hours to 10 hours a WEEK!

One of the things that is most fun for groups is to see how we customize for your industry, your company, and your message. You will find that you will learn how to take technical information and present it so people connect with what you are saying.

You will leave knowing how to weave your style in with your message and rely more on you, rather than on your PowerPoint.

Whether you have a small team or an entire force to put through, we can help you. We have worked with corporations to put hundreds of people through our two-day programme as well as small teams.

What is unique is how we customize for YOU, for YOUR COMPANY, and YOUR GOALS. When people ask what is it like working with us we say, "our clients become our friends."

If you are looking for a company to quickly come in and you never hear from them again, that's not us. We want to make sure you get the results you want and that we are here to answer questions, offer guidance, and take you to the next level.

We have worked with companies where we put programmes on at different sites around the world. You end up with a team that speaks the same language, gives the same message, and proactively moves your customers forward.

Clients are surprised how our coaches will go out to lunch/dinner with the group.  They say they have never had a trainer want to visit with the group after a full day of training. It is part of who we are. We want you to learn how to be authentic when you are presenting and when you are not. People shouldn't have a different opinion of you when you are "on" versus when you are done presenting. It is about consistency.

The best part is that our simple guidelines and processes make communicating and presenting quick and easy without being a "quick fix."

You are not alone. Yours is a very common problem, but one that can be helped, primarily by building your self-confidence and making you comfortable in front of others. We offer a number of tips and exercises to reduce the fear factor significantly. We help organize your content to include powerful, relevant material which will capture the audience’s interest. We also coach you to look good , sound good and feel good. Say goodbye to presentation jitters and self-doubt. Say hello to confidence and success.
Definitely yes! In many instances it is the lack of adequate communication skills which is the main barrier to receiving recognition and financial rewards. These skills are part of everyday interaction with your fellow employees as well as in company meetings and on other occasions. They can be learned, and we devote considerable time to perfecting these skills. Recognizing the need is the first step; acting upon it is the second. This decision can make a big difference to your personal growth and your progress in the business world, so take action now!
We can make your talk user friendly by enhancing your content and your speaking style. Among other things, we suggest attention-grabbing openers and closings, and humanize your content. With stronger presentation skills, you will hold your audience’s attention. We don’t neglect the technical data, but assist you to shape it to your audiences needs, to achieve maximum impact and to fulfil the objective of your presentation.
Our coaching team has developed special techniques which have proven themselves to achieve a high degree of success over many years. The team has successfully coached many persons and groups in a variety of programmes. We offer strict confidentiality and flexible scheduling. Our clients learn by doing. The bulk of the session time is devoted to practicing the skills. Extensive use of video and review enables our clients to be active participants in their own growth.

Communication is the key to success. That’s true at work, at home, and in social settings. After all, the best ideas are worthless if they’re not understood.

It’s hard enough to communicate in writing or by telephone, but when you’re speaking before an audience, the scope for making errors is vast. Public speaking demands the use of our voices, body language, pragmatics and sensitivity to our audiences' needs. It's not simply the words we use. When it works, it’s magic; when it doesn’t, there’s confusion or failure.


Communication and Presentation Coaching

If you...spend hours crafting a speech or sales presentation, or have no idea where to start...save time, add more impact, build your confidence...attend TheGiftOfTheGab seminar!

If you...
invest months obtaining an appointment with a prospect or committee and this is your chance to make a great impression or sale, why not guarantee your presentation is more effective than other vendors?...attend TheGiftOfTheGab seminar!

If you...
realise speaking engagements are a way for you to gain exposure in your community or industry...attend TheGiftOfTheGab seminar!

If you...
want to be promoted and realise it will adversely affect your career unless you receive training to improve your communication skills...attend TheGiftOfTheGab seminar!

If you...
desire the calibre of presentations, at your meetings and conventions, to improve dramatically...attend TheGiftOfTheGab seminar!

If you...
like 85% of the population, fear public speaking and avoid it at all costs. Conquer it...attend TheGiftOfTheGab seminar!

How can we help you?


The Gift Of The Gab seminar simplifies and demystifies the process of designing and delivering a presentation, for anyone who needs to speak in public. Executives, sales teams and even high-fee professional speakers undergo nothing less than a transformation in their communication and presentation skills.

We will successfully coach you on the three essential aspects of presentations: structure, developing material, and delivery. After The Gift Of The Gab training and coaching, audiences of all sizes will be mesmerised by your performance.

Following The Gift Of The Gab seminar, your improved interpersonal and communication skills will assist you in interactions and negotiations with managers, colleagues and employees.

Attending The Gift Of The Gab seminar will provide you with communication skills which will lead to success, not only in your professional, but also in your personal life.

"This seminar provided me with the incentive to improve my effectiveness more than any activity I've completed in the past! Why didn't I do it years ago?!" 
Dr. Tobias Sorell
CEO, Gabels, Inc.


What is coaching worth to you and your company?

Imagine that you have just finished your presentation and it was a wild success. You have connected indelibly with your audience, being memorably dramatic and uncannily persuasive.

What would such a triumph be worth to you and your company's bottom line over the next five years? We can help you achieve this! Are you eager to acquire an "unfair advantage" over your competition, that "being slightly better" edge that makes you stand out? Are you excited about taking years off your learning curve? Gaining these enormous advantages is why ambitious professionals commit to our serious professional coaching. (And, while our training sessions are fun, they do require a commitment. Our corporate communication and presentation skills coaching can be compared to training for the Olympics.)

Who benefits from The Gift Of The Gab Seminar?

The Individual

Would your career benefit from powerful communication and presentation skills? Here are some professionals who have boosted their futures with our intensive coaching.

  • Business leaders, who need to inspire their teams.
  • Corporate leaders, who realise speaking skills can elevate their careers.
  • Salespeople, in their daily negotiations and when giving presentations before groups or committees.
  • Directors and managers, who with excellent communication skills, will extract the best from their teams.
  • Professional speakers, who need some creative fine-tuning, or new ideas for their presentations.
  • New and professional speakers, who want to steer their careers in the right direction.
  • Anyone, for whom professional speaking is an essential component within their career.
  • Entrepreneurs, who realise speaking can add to their visibility and marketing mix.
  • Authors, who need direction to convert their book to a speech.
  • Sports or show business celebrities, who communicate with the media.

The Company

Would you like your company to gain an unfair advantage over competitors? Here are some benefits your company will gain, by sending personnel to our intensive coaching.

  • Inspired and motivated teams.
  • Personnel commitment to achieving high results.
  • Increased sales.
  • Improved negotiation abilities through excellent communication skills.
  • Time saving, efficient, persuasive and professional presentations.
  • Enhanced personnel interaction through improved communication skills.
  • Higher company morale.
  • Increased company profile and visibility.
  • Improved communication with the media.

"I had different seminars/workshophs before, but this one was by far the best and most professional one I've ever had. I did not think I would be able to change my habits/skills in such a short time. Thank you very much for this amazing training."
Yasmin Schulte
RM, SwissLife Luxembourg


What is "The Gift of the Gab" ?
The Cambridge International Dictionary of Idioms defines it as:
"An ability to speak easily and confidently and to persuade people to
do what you want"


Captivate and Motivate your Audience with your Communication Style!

We will:

  • Coach you in preparing and delivering successful presentations through the use of our foolproof Triple P ® method (Presentation Preparation Parameters).
  • Assist you in becoming a more dynamic and confident communicator.
  • Improve your pragmatic communication skills by focusing on your body language, voice, eye contact and rapport building skills.
  • Assist you in becoming a successful listener.
  • Give you the tools which will help you deal successfully with difficult communication situations.
  • Coach and explore your vocabulary for more effective self expression.
  • Coach you in public speaking skills in front of any sized group.
  • Provide you with relaxation and reduction of nervousness techniques.
  • Eliminate negative speech habits through introduction of our Quadruple F ® technique (From Fumbling Fillers to Fluency).
  • Videotape your development to your final, top quality performance, for your future reference.


You will be able to approach any communication situation with confidence and dynamism, knowing that you have the tools to motivate, persuade, negotiate and express yourself, successfully and effectively. In essence, you will have acquired .... The Gift of the Gab!

"Our seminar instructor, Gabrielle Maxwell, was outstanding, knowledgeable and incredibly professional. In addition, she had a great command of the subject matter and an excellent and entertaining ability to transfer this knowledge to the participants. I learned very valuable techniques and methods, and I know they will be of great help to me, not only in the workplace !"

Paul Barter
VP, Iserion AG

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"In fact, public speaking skills have risen to the top of nearly every company's wish list of executive attributes."

Hal Lancaster
Wall Street Journal


The Gift Of The Gab Seminar is a service/product of RESCHA AG.


At RESCHA AG, we live what we teach -- so you benefit doubly from our knowledge and experience.

RESCHA AG was founded in 1989. Our CEO is René Schächter who holds an MBA from Oxford. He is an experienced business consultant, who has worked for many years at executive and management levels with international companies. The extensive and varied knowledge and expertise he acquired include, amongst others, the areas of Telecommunications, IT services, High tech and Financial services.

The Gift Of The Gab Seminar is dedicated to improving the communication and presentation skills of executives, managers, and professionals at major national and international firms. We know that communication is a means to an end -- and we have the knowledge and experience to help you achieve both individual and organisational goals.

Our programme leaders are experienced consultants, whose sole focus is helping people communicate more effectively. Clients rely on us -- time and time again -- for expert guidance, in-depth training, and thought-provoking advice. Our staff are experienced in dealing with the challenges you face when preparing and delivering important presentations/communications. We'll get to know you, your organisation, and your industry. Most importantly, we're always "on call", so help is just minutes away whenever you need it.

Gabrielle Maxwell BSc Hons MRCSLT, senior programme leader of The Gift Of The Gab Seminar, holds a Bachelors degree in SPEECH SCIENCES from the University of London. She is also a fully trained and licensed Speech and Language Therapist. She has worked for many years in this field and has extensive experience with national and international working professionals. Her clients include corporate leaders, celebrity speakers, well known sports and media personalities, actors and singers, ministers, and sales teams. She delivers high-energy, high-content, and dramatically memorable presentations.

Part of our success stems from the fact that we live what we teach. We are not just trainers in communication and presentation skills, we are communicators. In addition to our small-group work in the training room, we deliver speeches, keynote addresses, and large-scale workshops. We have faced -- and conquered -- the same challenges you face whenever you stand up to speak.

Our expertise bridges professional and cultural lines. We provide incisive critiques with constructive strategies for advancing individual strengths and minimising shortcomings.

At RESCHA AG we are committed to coaching excellent communication skills. We know that not everyone is born with this skill. In fact, surveys show that 85% of the population would rather die than speak in public. Our clients, however, are living proof that through our coaching, The Gift Of The Gab can be yours as well.




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